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DreadHead HQ Vegan Dread Wax


  • $38.00 NZD

DreadHead HQ Vegan Dread Wax is 100% vegan friendly! For those not familiar with Vegan-ism, it's a conscious lifestyle choice that avoids the use of animal products and animal by-products. 

The usage instructions for the Vegan Dread Wax are identical to the original formula - DreadHead HQ Dreadlocks Wax. You'll notice that the Vegan Dread wax washes out faster than the original formula which makes removal during hot rinses easier. You'll also find that all detectable wax will wash away on its own a bit quicker. Because of this you may need to add wax a little more often. As with the original dread wax you want to wait until all detectable wax is gone before applying more.


DreadHead HQ Vegan Dread Wax:

  • 100% Vegan
  • Helps dreads lock faster
  • Helps dreads look better!

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