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DreadHead HQ Lock Peppa


  • $20.00 NZD

Whether you’re starting new dreads or helping new growth knot up, you will be shocked at how quickly and easily you can turn innocent straight hair into nappy dread-breeding-masses of knottiness.

Lock Peppa makes creating knots easy. Do you ever wish twisting and palm-rolling didn't take so long? Wouldn't it be great if you could sprinkle some magic dust on your hair and it would just knot up easily when you started rubbing it? It would be like the dread product of all dread products right? Well it’s called Lock Peppa and it works like nobody’s business!

Forming new knots plays a large role in making and maintaining dreads. DreadHead HQ's Lock Peppa helps you make new knots almost immediately right where you need them.


DreadHead HQ Lock Peppa:

  • Non-sticky, chemical free
  • Applies easily to just the hair you’re working with
  • Knots form faster with much less work!

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