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DreadHead HQ Locking Accelerator


  • $20.00 NZD

DreadHead HQ Locking Accelerator tightens dreads by opening the hair cuticles, increasing the friction between strands, and creating an environment that dreads thrive in. The accelerator greatly reduces the time it takes for dreads to reach maturity so you can spend less time maintaining your dreads and more time enjoying them!

The locking accelerator is even more effective when used on recently washed, residue free hair because it allows the accelerator to act directly on the strands rather than trying to work through a thin layer of residue. Use with DreadHead HQ Dread Soap for best results! The locking accelerator can also be used by itself or with DreadHead HQ Lock Peppa.


DreadHead HQ Locking Accelerator:

  • Tightens dreads in any stage of development
  • Makes the initial dreading easier and more effective
  • Helps dreads mature faster

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