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Ayumi Naturals Vegetable Glycerine

Ayumi Naturals

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Deeply hydrating, restorative and nourishing, Glycerine is a 100% pure vegetable-derived natural moisturiser. Naturally protecting, it helps to maintain the hair’s natural balance by drawing moisture from the environment to hydrate the surface layers of the hair. Naturally odourless, Glycerin can be used on its own or combined with other natural and essential oils to make a good leave in conditioner. 

The benefits of vegetable glycerin for hair
Many will agree or disagree whether glycerin is good for hair, there are certain benefits of glycerin:
Glycerin improves natural hair moisture and elasticity.
It also helps prevent hair breakage.
It stimulates hair growth.
It improves hair strength.
It has been proven that it is a great conditioner for brittle, dry or frizzy hair.

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