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Africa's Best Organics Carrot Oil Cream 7.5oz

Africa's Best

  • $19.99 NZD

Organics Carrot oil cream is enriched with natural beta carotene, proteins, vitamins, herbal extracts and amino acids to help prevent dryness, brittleness and breakage. When hair is weak or damaged, Carrot oil cream helps repair, mend and rebuild. Consistent use promotes growth, body and shine. Excellent for all hair types, including natural relaxed, pressed, curls, texturised or colour-treated hair.


Africa's Best Organics Carrot Oil Cream:

  • Adds inner strength to fragile, damaged hair
  • Keeps hair from becoming brittle
  • Aids in promoting the proper elasticity of hair
  • Has excellent moisture retaining properties
  • Contains a natural source of organic silica and vitamin A
  • Aids in repairing split ends

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