Relaxers & Texturizers

Afro hair relaxers and texturisers can be used to reduce the degree of waviness in your hair without the need to use heated styling products. In order to achieve the desired results, relaxers and texturisers have to be left on the hair for a specified amount of time. It's important to stick to the guidelines on the packet, as leaving the product on for too long can cause damage to your hair. The chemicals in the cream react with your hair and take effect. Once they have been washed off your hair can be styled as you wish. It is important to note that hair relaxers and texturisers are not the same type of products. Even though they are used in similar ways, the end result is different.

Relaxers are designed to loosen your curls and  can make your hair completely straight if you want to. After use your hair will be smooth and have less frizz, transforming it into a lovely straight style. Relaxers can make your hair more manageable and enable you to achieve different styles. There are both natural and chemical relaxers. However, chemical products can cause damage to your hair with long-term use.

Texturisers are used to soften but not completely remove all your curls. The chemicals in the product help to alter the appearance of each piece of hair. The effect of these products makes your hair wavier, rather than having thick curls. Texturised hair isn't as drastic a change as when a relaxer is used and leads to a more natural look.

At All Things Hair Limited we want to make it easy for you to choose the right product for your hair. We have a wide selection of hair relaxers and texturisers from top brands, including ORS, Soft and Beautiful,  Creme of Nature, African Pride, Dark & Lovely and Organics to name a few