Hair Extension Tools

At All Things Hair Limited we stock a wide selection of cold glue bonding and bond removal products. All of our bonding products are suitable for use by trained professionals in hair and beauty salons. Our range includes well-known brands such as Salon Pro. These products are known brands of professional hair salons and are the ideal choice for bonding hair extensions. Salon Pro glue is formulated with an anti-fungal blend to prevent fungal build up.

Using hair bonding glue has the benefit of giving a more natural and long-lasting look that may not be had when using clips to attach extensions. Bond removal products are used to remove the bond when you are ready to have your extensions taken out

All our bond glue and bond removal products come with instructions and should be used by those who have been trained in using them. Precautions such as wearing gloves and checking with customers as to whether they have allergies are important factors when using these products.