Kids Conditioner

At All Things Hair Limited we stock conditioners that are formulated for children’s hair. Children’s hair and scalp can be very sensitive and delicate making conventional hair products harmful for them. Here at All Things Hair Limited we understand the hair care needs of afro and curly hair children so we provide conditioners to maintain, detangle and moisturise the curls of your little ones. Children moisturizing conditioner with fortified vitamins that helps to revitalize dry and brittle hair. Detangling and leave in conditioners to prevent breakage and to renew hair and scalp. Conditioners for kids help to protect the delicate skin of your child’s scalp and guard hair from excessive dryness. Tangle Tamers for kids is an excellent spray conditioner that helps prevents knots and tangles to make combing easier. We carry paraben free leave in conditioners for kinky, curly, frizzy and wavy hair. In other words we have your kids hair sorted.